• Question: is it true that we share some DNA with bananas and if so why is that?

    Asked by 356genp37 to Remsha, Oliver, Lisa, Fiana on 16 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Fiana

      Fiana answered on 16 Nov 2018:

      It is- crazy to think isn’t it! We actually share up to 60% of our DNA with bananas.This is because many of our genes are needed for basic cell functions. Banana cells have the same needs and for that reason we share a lot of DNA with them!

    • Photo: Remsha Afzal

      Remsha Afzal answered on 16 Nov 2018:

      All living things share DNA with each other! Its because at the end of the line we all came from one cell according to evolution. 🙂